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Jack Taylor Cases: The Oracle Oasis

Jack Taylor Cases: The Oracle Oasis


The nights are sweaty. The world is a gray area of right and wrong, soft Jazz from a solo saxophone plays in the background, and Jack keeps hearing his actions narrated by the voice of a 1940’s gumshoe. After facing evil holiday symbols, the Sandman, giants, and a fallen demon emperor, the young detective’s new focus is on one goal, but detective’s training won’t be easy. Undergoing this case, he will learn to trust no one… not even his own reflection. The challenge of Four Seasons is concluded, yet Teddy’s last words are still haunting Jack’s thoughts. He struggles to know if he’s sleepwalking, and as darkness brews within, he finds himself making questionable decisions to find his father, and those at fault.


With Jack fresh from one journey, Sonny’s new angelic abilities scarcely understood, and Rocho damaged from the challenge, the group will desperately find their way through unfamiliar locations in the afterlife. Jack will explore legendary lands, escape air pirates, make new allies, and reunite with old enemies. Traveling to Oracle Island will be his most difficult journey, but escaping will be the impossible task. The aid of a few new dreamers, and shadowy abilities may just be enough to find a way to his father on Oracle Island, well hidden in the cursed Bermuda Triangle.


In the fourth installment of The Jack Taylor Cases, our young detective will bargain his way through the afterlife, dancing on a thin line between reaching his goal, and doing what is right. In the end, readers will be just as desperate as Jack to escape the prison island and reach for the fifth and final book to come, as the young detective ultimately discovers who’s responsible for his father’s death.

Jack Taylor Cases: The Oracle Oasis is the fourth of the five books in the series. Combining elements of fantasy, holiday folklore, detective-mystery and adventure in 420 pages departing the themed 12 chapters for 13 as the series edges closer to the end, this book is the fourth of a world-bending mystery of grief, the afterlife, and epic fantasy, in this coming of age tale for middle grade readers and up.

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