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Jack Taylor Cases: Season's Sacrifice

Jack Taylor Cases: Season's Sacrifice


Four… the one number Jack Taylor can’t get out of his head.


Four… the number of hours he’s trained each day.


Four… the number of people motivating him to fight


The challenge of the Four Seasons is ready, but Jack isn’t. As the next dreamer to be sacrificed to the elements, he must prove himself. However, someone is intent on sabotaging Jack. Could it be the powerful judge holding a grudge against Jack’s father, a vengeful holiday spirit with a dark past… or a new threat unlike any he’s met before?


The battle with the Sandman left the residents of Cloud City wounded and wary of Jack Taylor, who unwittingly helped the Sandman escape. For his involvement, Jack’s been sentenced to follow in the footsteps of Peter, Dorothy, Alice, and even Teddy—and venture into a new world of legends and fairytales.Using his unique detective skills, training he’s received from the holiday spirits, and a powerful new totem, he must face his toughest challenge yet… or be lost forever.


This third installment of The Jack Taylor Cases takes the young detective beyond Cloud City and deeper into the universe of the after-life, down his own rabbit hole. In a realm that stretches the boundaries of imagination, Jack finally comes face-to-face with his father and uncovers shadowy secrets in this world bending mystery.

Jack Taylor Cases: Season's Sacrifice is the third of the five books in the series. Combining elements of fantasy, holiday folklore, detective-mystery and adventure in 326 pages of the themed 12 chapters, this book is the third of a thrilling new gateway to both familiar and unfamiliar worlds for middle grade readers and up.

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