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Jack Taylor Cases: Cloud City

Jack Taylor Cases: Cloud City


It was a long day. A day Jack thought would last indefinitely. The young detective continues to struggle with the reality of it all, but lately his anger is getting the best of him after making the decision to return. His tagalong partner Sonny does her best to aid and console him, but her own problems and fears are just beginning to manifest. Reentering the Holiday Hotel will open a whole new destination for the two where a new who-done-it style mystery will begin, and the search for his father will continue.


Their next investigation begins just where it left off, leading Jack and Sonny to Cloud City. This broad new world will expose even more holiday spirits, legendary beings, and fabled monsters than they knew existed. The truth behind Jack’s flashlight and the origin of several childhood stories will be revealed. Dark secrets of a few spirits will be brought to light, his flashlight will awaken new abilities, and a dangerous essence will blend the lines between fantasy and dreams to find Jack on the wrong side of justice. In Jack’s second case, when the clouds grow dark in the city, there’s much more than a storm brewing.


This sequel to the young adult detective novel by Christian Wynn promises even more thrills and adventures to come in Jack Taylor’s quest to reunite with his father. This second case of five in the series about grief will take him even further into this new realm that thinly separates fantasy from reality. Cloud City may be the next stop of Jack’s journey but certainly won’t be his last.

Jack Taylor Cases: Cloud City is the second of the five books in the series. Combining elements of fantasy, paranormal, holiday folklore, and detective instincts in 328 pages of the themed 12 chapters, this book is the second case to continue this thrilling ride to the skies for middle grade readers and up.

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